The latest member of the John Deere Gator family is strong, tough, and powerful and makes the jobs that are performed while using the equipment more fun. The company describes the Gator 855D as a “fun-tastic performer,” and Horticulture Week agrees with this assessment.
According to the news source, the engineers were given free reign in the designing of the John Deere Gator 855D, and it shows. The machine is held together and given a high level of stability by a new and robust steel frame. This helps to increase the user’s confidence when climbing hills, coping with high slopes, wading through water or dashing through fields.
The machine comes with double-wishbone suspension and the new sway bar on the rear axle helps to reduce the body roll – even in the most extreme conditions. Different payload sizes can be accounted for, as it is easy to adjust the suspension.
“I could sit in this for hours. It’s far superior to anything else I have tried in this class,” one user told Horticulture Week. “The seating is comfortable, it feels sturdy, handles well and it has guts.”
The power of the machine comes from the high-torque, liquid-cooled, three-cylinder diesel Yamaha engine, and it can bring the Gator up to speeds of 32 miles per hour. This, combined with a two-range transmission, allows for ease in control, as it can reach top speeds without any shifting.
According to the news source, the machine also comes with true on-demand four-wheel drive. This allows the operator to easily switch back and forth between a turf-friendly traction-mode to a locked rear differential into four-wheel drive for maximum traction.
“You can see where we started to get stuck,” the user told the news source. “But the instant you put it into four-wheel drive it grips and gets you out of trouble. I would imagine it could cope with most situations.”
The Gator, according to Horticulture Week, drives like a car and the operator can feel more comfortable due to the stability that is provided by the suspension and inertia seat belts that are included.
According to the company website, the Gator comes with a 20-liter fuel tank, 24.9 gross horsepower and a towing capacity of 1,499 pounds. The unique combination of power, safety and maneuverability helps the model to perform any task without trouble.