The farming roots in Duane E. Johnson’s family run deep, as the Fremont, Nebraska native is the sixth generation of the surname to take up harvesting crops in the Midwestern region.

According to the Fremont Tribune, the previous generations of the Johnson line used John Deere tractors on their farm, and Duane is continuing this tradition into the present day.

The family’s dedication to farming has paid off, as the the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce awarded the Johnson clan with the Farm Family Excellence Award for 2011, the news source reported.

Duane was ecstatic after hearing that his family would finally be recognized for their dedication to the craft.

“Any time you get recognized for something it’s a wonderful self-esteem booster and makes you feel good about what you’ve been doing,” Duane Johnson told the Tribune. “You realize that people do respect you for the way you’ve treated other people or the way you’ve done your business, and that’s really nice.”

Fremont was founded in 1856 and was initially an agribusiness community that has now expanded into a city of more than 26,000, according to the city’s website.